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How to Host a Green Campus Event

Help UC San Diego reach its waste diversion goals by making your next conference, seminar or training session a zero-waste event. Here's how you can ensure that your event doesn't generate waste that goes to the landfill.

Provide recycling bins.

Give participants a way to recycle. Recycling bins are usually located in training and meeting rooms, but for larger events, you can order more from Facilities Management.

Reduce paper.

  • Send email invitations to avoid paper and printing costs and use online registration. This also facilitates faster participant response.
  • Limit or avoid distributing printed presentations by providing participants with resource material electronically after the event. If materials must be printed, provide online coupons that interested participants can download to their smart phones and display to reduce the amount of paper that is recycled.

Select green vendors.

  • Choose eco-friendly vendors to help reduce waste during your event. Work with caterers to see if they can provide zero-waste options. Notify vendors in advance that you are hosting a zero-waste event so that they come prepared.
  • If you’re self-catering, consider:
    • Using reusable or recyclable cups, utensils and plates.
    • Providing self-serve food and beverage stations with appropriate portions to avoid excess food waste and individual containers.
    • For large events, encouraging exhibitors to give away only sustainable items that are recyclable, reusable or made from recycled content.

Rally support!

  • Inform participants that they will be attending a zero-waste event.
  • Suggest that participants bring their own reusable beverage containers.
  • Consider having a volunteer — staff member or student — who can educate participants about sustainability and encourage them to help.