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How to Recycle at UC San Diego


All recyclable materials can be placed in any campus recycling container, including office bins.

  • Mixed paper – without bindings, rubber bands or paper clips; staples don't need to be removed.
    • Any type of paper, including envelopes, sticky notes, wrappers, newspaper, manila folders, boxboard (e.g., cracker or cereal boxes) and corrugated cardboard
    • Magazines, phone books and paperbacks
  •  Empty containers
    • Glass, steel and tin containers with lids removed
    • Paperboard beverage containers
    • Plastic bottles and containers with the #1-7 recycling symbol on the bottom
    • Aluminum cans and clean foil
    • Aerosol cans – containing no propellant
  • Block Styrofoam
  • Other recyclable materials

When recycling:

  • Keep all trash out of recycling containers.
  • Flatten cans and plastic bottles whenever possible.
  • Empty and flatten all cardboard boxes before placing them inside recycling containers. Do not leave boxes near bins, dumpsters or on loading docks.

Note: Before purging paper files or generating large amounts of paper or beverage containers, contact the Facilities Management Customer Relations help desk, (858) 534-2930, at least 48 hours in advance to get a large temporary recycling container.

Not Recyclable

  • Carbon paper
  • Wax- and plastic-coated paper
  • Tissue or paper towels
  • Paper or containers contaminated by food or other organic waste
  • Plastic film
  • Styrofoam packing peanuts, food clamshells, plates, cups, etc.
  • Paint brushes, colored or wooden pencils

Printable Guides

How to dispose of: