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Utilities & Sustainability


To create a sustainable campus for future generations.


To provide leadership, guidance and support to our various campus partner and stakeholders in identifying, developing and implementing actions that will ensure a more sustainable UC San Diego going forward. Achieving our collective sustainability goals will require participation from everyone on campus.

Energy Production and Conservation

UC San Diego is committed to producing clean energy and conserving energy in cooperation with statewide load-reduction initiatives and UC standards.

UC San Diego designed its primary electrical power system for reliability. A computerized Energy Management System connects all major campus buildings and centrally monitors and controls heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems based on occupancy. Precise programming reduces peak-time energy demand, maximizes conservation and allows for efficient room temperature management and long-term trending and comparative analysis.

Utilities Dashboards

Facilities Management developed dashboards that allow customers to view energy and water use in campus buildings.

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Green Programs

Green Labs

The Green Labs program helps laboratories reduce their footprints without compromising research quality or safety while improving efficiency.

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Green Office

The Green Office Certification program helps campus offices promote resource conservation and recognizes their leadership in sustainability.

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Video Tips for Implementing Sustainability into Your Daily Life

Twelve simple actions to help you reduce your carbon footprint at home or on campus

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