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Focus Areas

Sustainable Practices

The UC Sustainable Practices Policy guides sustainability efforts across the ten campuses and other university facilities in ten areas of sustainable practice: climate protection, clean energy, green building, transportation, sustainable operations, waste reduction and recycling, sustainable procurement, sustainable foodservice, sustainable water systems, and standards for UC Health.

UC San Diego Sustainability Highlights

Expanding Campus EV Charging Infrastructure

UC San Diego continues to leverage public funding to expand the campus electric vehicle charging infrastructure. As of December 2021, 350 ports serve campus commuters and the public. UC San Diego has become San Diego County’s largest multipurpose hub of EV charging plazas by delivering 2.5 GWH to more than 5,500 unique drivers.

More About Clean Energy

EV charging

Waste Reduction and Recycling

Housing*Dining*Hospitality Triton2Go Mobile Ordering App and Reusable Container Program has replaced 550,000 disposable containers since Fall Quarter 2020.

More About Zero Waste

Triton2Go container


The Sustainability Programs Office certified the first Green Classroom teacher at the Preuss School UC San Diego. Congratulations, Ms. Christobelle Tan for becoming Green Classroom Bronze certified!

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Center for Coastal Studies Renovation

The Center for Coastal Studies renovation project received The Associated General Contractors of America’s Sustainable Project Award for its unique focus on energy saving, storm-water recovery, building with sustainable products and environmental stewardship.

More About Green Building

Center for Coastal Studies

Our Sustainable Fleet

For the past four years, UC San Diego Fleet Services maintained a 60% or better sustainable vehicle fleet that is hybrid, all-electric, compressed natural gas or renewable diesel.

More About Transportation

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Recovering and Harvesting Food

The Triton Food Pantry continued to recover food from local grocery stores and harvest produce from campus community gardens. During the 2020-2021 academic year, 1,652 different students visited the Triton Food Pantry 8,767 times (representing 10% of the total resident student population, 20% of which were graduate students).

More about Food and Dining

mobile food pantry

Water Conservation

UC San Diego’s potable water use decreased by 14% from FY 2020. This equates to a reduction of 54,955,560 gallons, approximately 83 Olympic-sized swimming pools. This decrease in overall water consumption resulted from increased remote work and reduced residential occupancy.

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UC 2023 Annual Report

The university shares progress towards the goals outlined in the UC Sustainable Practices Policy in the UC Annual Report on Sustainable Practices, which highlights the University of California’s comprehensive sustainability program achievements over the past year.

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