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Bee Campus

UC San Diego, a Bee Campus USA, fosters education and collaboration between students, faculty, staff and our community to enhance and sustain biodiversity and encourage the use of Integrated Pest Management to reduce pesticide use.

A decade ago, UC San Diego established its Integrated Pest Management program, successfully cutting pesticide use by approximately 70–80%. The IPM initiative prioritizes identifying and exploring alternatives for pesticides that are detrimental, striving to employ non-chemical methods whenever feasible. Balancing the need for pest control in open spaces with the conservation of pollinators is a challenge that will require ongoing research, collaboration and adaptive management strategies for the health and safety of our open spaces.

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New Pest Policy

The UC Presidential Policy on Integrated Pest Management became effective March 13, 2024 and must be fully implemented by September 13, 2025.

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Pollinator Club

The UC San Diego Pollinator Club advocates for the native pollinators on and off campus.

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UC San Diego Pollinator Protection Committee Members

Steering committee for UC San Diego Bee Campus

  • Professor James Nieh, committee chair, bee researcher, Department of Ecology, Behavior and Evolution
  • Patricia Mahaffey, Assistant Vice Chancellor – Student Life
  • Todd Schmidt, Integrated Pest Management Superintendent
  • Chris Johnson, Landscape Sustainability Worker, Facilities Management
  • Elizabeth Lin, Waste Management, Recycling and Sustainability Manager, Facilities Management
  • Kris Morris, Safety Manager, Environment, Health & Safety
  • Professor Michael Perry, butterfly researcher, Department of Cell and Developmental Biology
  • Professor Amy Lerner, landscape and sustainability researcher, Department of Urban Studies and Planning
  • Professor Juli Beth Hinds, Staff Research Associate and Lecturer, land use planning, Department of Urban Studies and Planning
  • Brandi Sanchez, graduate student&
  • Allison Iannucci, undergraduate student
  • Whitney Haluza, undergraduate student
  • Isabel Hui, undergraduate student
  • Jasmine Hubbard, undergraduate student
  • Thomas Kattadiyil, undergraduate student
  • Andre Zoie, undergraduate student
  • Melissa Zhao, undergraduate student
  • Ian Hicke, undergraduate student
  • Juliana Loaiza, undergraduate student 

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